Cannabis Breeder Spotlight: Koby’s Organics

Cannabis Breeder Spotlight: Koby’s Organics Meet Koby, From Koby’s Organics Koby is a passionate Cannabis breeder who has dedicated a large portion of his life cultivating & breeding Cannabis. Seed Canary has nothing but respect for the hard work Koby has done throughout the years and the genetics he’s managed to preserve. Koby Organics – […]

Clear Spore Syringes – Homogenization Explained

Have you ever purchased a spore syringe that was clear? There’s a common belief that a “clear” syringe means that there are no spores in it. that is often not true. Lets explain why! Spores are microscopic, a single spore is around 10 microns while the average human hair is around 70 microns thick so […]

how long do spore syringes last?

Do mushroom spores expire? How long do mushroom spores last? How long to spore syringes last? These are some questions you may wonder after purchasing your freshly made spore syringes from Seed Canary. In this article we will explain how long spore syringes can typically remain viable for and how you can prolong the lifespan […]

Cannabis Clones vs Seeds – What’s Best To Buy?

cannabis clones vs seeds

Cannabis seeds vs clones – which one should i buy? There are many potential factors to consider when growing cannabis. One question you may have is whether you should start your grow from seed or from clone. Each option has its own set of pros and cons just like anything in life. To help you make […]

How To Make A Spore Syringe – The Easy Way

how to make a spore syringe

Mycology isn’t always the easiest hobby to learn for beginner Mycologists. It can be tricky until you have mastered the art and have all the equipment you need. However, making a spore syringe doesn’t have to be hard OR require any special equipment. So if you are wondering on how to make a spore syringe […]

How to Make Organic CBG Oil

Organic CBG Oil

By now, most people familiar with cannabis have heard of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) and their effects, but did you know there are many similar compounds in Cannabis? A lesser-known cannabinoid known as cannabigerol (CBG), has been found to be present in many strains and has many benefits worth learning about. In this article I will explain the […]

How To Make Cannabis Gummies

how to make cannabis gummies

Cannabis gummies are very easy to make and they provide the perfect bite-sized and tasty way to dose. In some fully-legal adult use cannabis jurisdictions, gummy THC edibles may not be legal for sale. In which case, you may have no choice but to make your own! This guide we will teach you how to […]

Cannabis Tissue Culture – Lets Explain.

Before using a Cannabis Tissue Culture had even been heard of, propagation was done solely by seeding or by using clones. Commercial growers are likely to utilize this growing technique especially if they have found a plant that truly delivered quality cannabis. Using the tissue culture technique can allow you to grow the same genetics […]

Tips For Selling Cannabis Seeds on Seed Canary

Selling Cannabis seeds

Before you start selling your genetics, you will need to understand that it may take some effort getting sales especially if you are new to selling cannabis seeds/clones. Vendors who have been around for years will be recognized by many growers and therefore receive more sales. Whereas someone who is just starting off for example […]

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