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Cannabis Clones vs Seeds – What’s Best To Buy?

cannabis clones vs seeds

Cannabis seeds vs clones – which one should i buy? There are many potential factors to consider when growing cannabis. One question you may have is whether you should start your grow from seed or from clone. Each option has its own set of pros and cons just like anything in life. To help you make […]

Tips For Selling Cannabis Seeds on Seed Canary

Selling Cannabis seeds

Before you start selling your genetics, you will need to understand that it may take some effort getting sales especially if you are new to selling cannabis seeds/clones. Vendors who have been around for years will be recognized by many growers and therefore receive more sales. Whereas someone who is just starting off for example […]

Cannabis Clone Care Guide

Cannabis plants are very sensitive in the early stages of development. Special care is needed to ensure that your cannabis clone(s) grow strong and healthy. Many of the clones available from Vendors on Seed Canary are guaranteed to be pest and disease free, but to ensure you are successful with the plants you choose, here are […]

How to ship Clones

How to ship clones - Clone container

Have you ever wondered How to ship Clones? Well in this article we will teach you everything you need to know on How to ship Clones. How to ship Clones Vendors on seed canary may use a variety of different techniques to ship clones to customers. Some methods may include using containers specifically made for […]