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Learn How To List Your Seeds & Clones

Listing Products

After signing up as a vendor, you will be navigated to the Vendor Dashboard. To List a product, you can click on Products > Add New. 

We have three “product types” to choose from when listing cannabis seeds & clones.

  • Simple Product
  • Variable Product
  • Auction

We allow our vendors to primarily sell Cannabis seeds & clones, as that is all we really are intended for. However, if you have grow equipment or other Cannabis related products that are not prohibited from being sold, please contact us at to request these products to be listed.

Products that contain THC, such as flower, concentrates, consumables, etc should NEVER be listed on our marketplace. Other products that contain legal or illegal substances intended for producing a high will also NOT be allowed. Products that are not Cannabis seeds OR clones, should always be requested to be listed on our website before doing so. Failure to follow these rules may result in account termination.


When a customer orders through our website using a debit/credit card, the payment is processed through Seed Canary’s third party payment processor and can be paid out once the vendor has attached the tracking number/link to the order and the order has been marked “Completed”. Funds processed through Seed Canary can be paid via Direct Deposit, as we are unable to transfer funds through any services such as digital wallets(PayPal, Cashapp, etc.). When customers pay with a card, there will be a 6.9% transaction fee for premium Vendors which is deducted from the orders total. Being able to process card payments allows our customers to have an easy and frustration free checkout which will make clients more likely to shop with us. 

Funds from orders placed through Seed Canary will be paid out to vendors every Wednesday. However to receive your funds, you must have the following completed:

  • Valid Tax Information Provided (EIN / SSN)
  • Payment settings configured to receive Direct Deposit.
  • Order(s) must be shipped and marked “Completed” to be eligible to receive payment. 

Note: Orders CANNOT be marked completed until tracking number has been added to the customers order.

For example, you receive an order on a Thursday and have it shipped out by Saturday. after you’ve shipped the order, you then change the status to “shipped” or “completed” that day to inform the customer and provide them with the tracking number. By the following Wednesday we will issue you a direct deposit to your provided bank account.  

The reason we do not issue payments immediately after receiving the order is to prevent against scams/fraud from occurring. 


Processing fees are based upon Vendor Membership Plans. Here is the current rate for processing fees:

Platinum Plan: 6.9% Transaction Fee Per Order

Standard Plan: 10% Transaction Fee Per Order

Individual Plan: 20% Transaction Fee Per Order




Seed Canary is not responsible for handling customer refunds or returns on orders which have already been shipped by a vendor. If a customer requests a refund before the order has been shipped (or marked as complete) then you may contact us so we can issue a refund. If the order has already been shipped and the customer requests a refund or return, the request will be solely your decision as Seed Canary LLC will not be responsible. Please contact if you have questions regarding the refund & return process. 

You can create your own refund & return policy for your store by navigating to Store Manager > Settings > Store Policies 

If a customer is having trouble with an order, you can get us involved by sending an email to


When a customer first places an order, the order’s status will be set to pending payment. Do NOT Ship out an order until the orders status has changed from Pending Payment to Processing. Orders That have the Processing Status can be shipped out as soon as you are ready. Once the order has been shipped and tracking has been attached to the customers order, you can then change the status from Processing to Completed.

If you absolutely cannot fulfill a customers order, You may mark the order as cancelled by changing the order status. We also recommend adding a note on the order explaining a brief summary to why it cannot be fulfilled. Please also contact us by email so we can issue the customer a refund as in some cases it will need to be refunded manually if paid via credit/debit card.

We recommend that vendors ship out customer orders within 3 days after the order is received. If you cannot fulfill an order on time, please navigate to the order’s details page, and add a note to the customers order that it will be delayed and include a rough estimate of when you expect it to be shipped. 


Seed Canary is intended for those who are legally allowed to possess and sell Cannabis seeds/Clones. Although products sold by Vendors are sold as novelty souvenirs, We recommend checking with your local & federal laws before becoming a vendor on Seed Canary to ensure that your business is legal.

No, Seed Canary allows anyone 21 years or older to sell on Seed Canary Marketplace. If you are a Breeder, Collector, or own a Seedbank then you can take advantage of the opportunity to sell your seeds/clones on Seed Canary. 

When you signup to become a vendor on Seed Canary, We will ask the following information:

  • General Account Info (Username, Password, Etc.)
  • First/Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Payment Info (So We Can Pay You For Orders Received)
  • (EIN) Employer Identification Number OR Social Security Number (SSN) We are legally obligated to ask for this information due to tax reporting purposes.

Note: We ask for your personal information for legal reasons only. We respect your Privacy and your information will never be given to any third parties.

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