How to ship Clones

How to ship clones - Clone container

Have you ever wondered How to ship Clones? Well in this article we will teach you everything you need to know on How to ship Clones.

How to ship Clones

Vendors on seed canary may use a variety of different techniques to ship clones to customers. Some methods may include using containers specifically made for clones such as the THC Clone Shipper, plastic containers, or sandwich bags. Lets looks at some of the most common techniques used for mailing clones:


As we write this article, there are few options available that you can find online. These containers are designed to protect and maintain the clone(s) during transportation, while allowing ventilation through tiny holes at the top. Some of these containers even include LED lights so that your clones stay “awake” during transportation! Some of the most commonly used clone containers are THC Clone Shipper (A bit expensive but overall great product) & the standard plastic clone Container (Cheaper alternative).


Though this approach may seem very basic and may potentially lead to a few (or many) losses during transportation, this method can work when shipping to close locations. This method is NOT recommended for rooted clones and is best suited for fresh unrooted cuts. This technique consists in wrapping the stem of the cut(s)/clone(s) with a moist paper towel and a layer of cellophane in order to keep moisture around the base of the clone/cut. Although this method may work for some people, we recommend using Containers of some sort as it protects the clone(s) and lowers the risk of loss.

DIY Container for clones

A DIY approach to shipping clones is to find and use your own containers. This technique allows you to ship rooted clones while also reducing the risk of losses. This is a cheaper alternative to purpose designed clone containers while still being a better option when compared to the ziploc bag technique. If you are unable to use the recommended clone shippers, this is the next best option. When making your own containers, figure out a way to maintain your clones in place within the container to avoid any damage to the cut and reduce stress.

How to ship clones -Seed Canary
DIY Clone Container Example

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