Notice By Seed Canary

If you have a concern with your order, Please contact the vendor you purchased your order from regarding the issue. Seed Canary LLC is NOT responsible for Refunds or Returns. Seed Canary LLC will also not be responsible for anything that relates to the vendor/customer order.

Order never arrived

Please allow 14 days after shipment email has been sent, to contact vendor regarding Refund or Exchange. If eligible, Please contact the vendor you purchased from to express your situation and see what they can do to solve this issue.

Seeds Arrived Damaged, Missing, or Seized by Customs

If Your order arrived and is damaged or missing items, please contact the vendor you purchased from and inform them of how they arrived. Attaching photos to the email showing damaged items would be good practice to help support your case. Remember, it is solely the vendors decision on whether not to refund or exchange your order.

Vendor Has Scammed Me

If you have any concerns that make you believe a vendor using our marketplace has scammed you, please contact us immediately so that we can take action against the vendor. Seed Canary LLC takes great pride in being a safe and reliable marketplace and will do just about ANYTHING to keep it that way. Any vendors found responsible of scamming will be immediately banned from and possible legal actions may be taken into consideration.

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