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Cannabis Clones vs Seeds – What’s Best To Buy?

cannabis clones vs seeds

Cannabis seeds vs clones – which one should i buy? There are many potential factors to consider when growing cannabis. One question you may have is whether you should start your grow from seed or from clone. Each option has its own set of pros and cons just like anything in life. To help you make […]

Tips For Selling Cannabis Seeds on Seed Canary

Selling Cannabis seeds

Before you start selling your genetics, you will need to understand that it may take some effort getting sales especially if you are new to selling cannabis seeds/clones. Vendors who have been around for years will be recognized by many growers and therefore receive more sales. Whereas someone who is just starting off for example […]

how long do marijuana seeds last

how long do marijuana seeds last

So, you’ve purchased Cannabis seeds online from Seed Canary and now you’re wondering how long those seeds will actually last before they need to be germinated and planted. This is a common question and concern for many new marijuana growers, whether the seeds are from Seed Canary or have been found elsewhere. How long will […]

How to germinate Marijuana seeds – The Best Way

how to germinate marijuana seeds

Are you wondering how to germinate marijuana seeds? Marijuana seeds, like all seeds, must undergo the germination process before it can grow into a mature plant. Countless cannabis germination guides litter the internet. However, Not all methods work for every grower. That is why we will be covering a tried and true germination method that typically works well for […]

why are marijuana seeds expensive?

why are marijuana seeds expensive?

why are marijuana seeds expensive? Before buying Cannabis seeds, please check that the company who is selling the Cannabis seeds is legit. The most important part of buying anything online is to research the company you are buying from. Seed Canary for example, has social media platforms, has a Google Business listing, and we are […]

How To Ship Marijuana Seeds

Disclaimer: Seed Canary LLC does not condone selling OR mailing Marijuana seeds illegally. The Purpose of this article is to inform others on how the process works and to educate those who are legally allowed to sell and ship Cannabis seeds. Selling Marijuana seeds can be a legal grey area in most places. Before you […]