Cannabis Breeder Spotlight: Koby’s Organics

Cannabis Breeder Spotlight: Koby’s Organics

Meet Koby, From Koby’s Organics

Koby is a passionate Cannabis breeder who has dedicated a large portion of his life cultivating & breeding Cannabis. Seed Canary has nothing but respect for the hard work Koby has done throughout the years and the genetics he’s managed to preserve.

Koby Organics – How it All Began

I started growing cannabis at a very Young age. I think living on a farm had a lot to do with that. My first real grow was around 1972. I married my wife in 1978, and we moved to Texas. I had no idea at the time what I was about to get into. Both of us had a love for music . We were blessed to build a stable of talent in both Blues and Rock musicians that we sent around the world. During this nearly forty year journey we not only met and worked with to many awesome people to list, but we also collected cannabis seeds. When California started to let things happen, we bought a place on a mountainside near Palm Springs where we grew and supplied dispensaries in California and then later in Nevada too.

By 2016 my health no longer let me do large grows. So we retired from large scale farming, and I  started consulting for large growing operations and also decided to start sharing some of the amazing genetics we had collected. I decided at that point that I would  do it by selling seeds. I also knew that I wanted to do it a bit different than most.

Our seeds are a little higher than some, here is why. First we only do a few strains at a time, or less even. We also design strains for business and personal. All our plants are grown in the best soil we can find, along with clean water and  organic food. We search each strain we grow for the best qualities and phenotype’s that the particular strain we are breeding has. There are many different qualities in both the male and female plants that we choose to breed. After choosing those plants, we breed them by hand. We do not use an open pollination process. We take time to even breed certain branches or buds. Once we have grown the plant out to harvest, we then by hand choose each seed individually to meet our standards before it ever goes in a pack. By taking these and several more steps, we can assure ourselves and our customers that they are getting a superior seed to grow. Our seeds are plump and healthy and stored in a 36 degree seed vault. Our seeds germinate and grow well. We stand behind this process. It is more important to be hands on and sell a superior seed than it is to just breed seeds.

The Importance of Preserving Landrace Cannabis Strains

Koby is dedicated to the preservation of landrace Cannabis strains and has been collecting and reproducing many landrace / old school strains throughout his years of growing. To help spread these landrace genetics, Koby’s intention is to include 3 Landrace Cannabis seeds for every 10 packs sold. This will be happening in the near future as Koby is currently working on reproducing these strains so that there can be plenty of seeds to share.

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