Are You Growing Seed Canary Genetics?

Share Your BEST Photos With us & Compete For A Chance To Win $500 Worth of Cannabis Seeds!


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Contest requirements 

In Effort To Keep This A Fair & Friendly Competition, We Have Made The Following Requirements Which Will Determine if An Applicant is Eligible To Enter The Contest:

Before You Submit Your Photo(s): Please Make Sure That Your Submission Meets The Following Standards & Requirements:

  • Strain in Photo MUST Be Bred By Seed Canary Genetics – Strains From Other Breeders Will Not Qualify in This Contest!
  • Each Submission Should Be A High Quality Photo That Clearly Shows The Flowering Plant – Blurry Photos or a Messy Background Should Be Avoided.
  • Photo Can Be Up Close (Bud Shots) OR Can Show The Full Plant in Flower.
  • Plant(s) in Photo SHOULD Be Healthy!


  • Try Taking Photos Using A White OR Black Background. This Can Improve Overall Photo Quality.
  • Using a Post-It Note To Write The Name of The Strain Shown & (Optionally) Your Username & Having The Note Shown in The Photo Will Give You Extra Points!
  • Using A High Quality Camera (Smartphone OR Professional)  


The Winner of This Contest MAY Be Asked To Show Proof of Purchase of Seeds To Verify The Photo’s Credibility.

Authorized Retailers:

Submit Your Photos!

You May Submit As Many Photos As You Wish! Each Submission = One Contest Entry

Last Day To Enter: Sept 13th 2024


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