Clear Spore Syringes – Homogenization Explained

Have you ever purchased a spore syringe that was clear? There’s a common belief that a “clear” syringe means that there are no spores in it. that is often not true. Lets explain why!

Spores are microscopic, a single spore is around 10 microns while the average human hair is around 70 microns thick so you can only imagine just how small spores really are.

ideal homogenized spore samples will have almost no visible clumps. however, the spore solution will be slightly “dirty” looking and on close inspection over a white background will have some visible clumps.

Spore Density Explained

All spore prints are naturally dirty to some degree and it is impossible to create/obtain spore prints with a 100% guarantee that they are 100% clean and contaminate free. With that being said, The phrase “Less is more” can definitely be applied here. the more dense of a spore solution, the higher chances of contamination there will be. Many people still believe that spore syringes should be very dense and have large spore clumps that are VERY visible. However, scientifically speaking that will likely cause increased contamination rates and jamming needles compared to a less dense spore solution.

Remember, If your syringe appears clear its completely OKAY! Very well homogenized samples (like ours) will have almost no visible clumps. The water may have a slight tint of color depending on the color of the spores inside it.

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