How To Ship Marijuana Seeds

Disclaimer: Seed Canary LLC does not condone selling OR mailing Marijuana seeds illegally. The Purpose of this article is to inform others on how the process works and to educate those who are legally allowed to sell and ship Cannabis seeds.

Selling Marijuana seeds can be a legal grey area in most places. Before you begin selling marijuana seeds, you should always check your local and federal laws as you may actually be breaking the law if you are in a state or country that prohibits you to do so without the proper licensing.

How To Ship Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seed packaging

The packaging for Marijuana seeds is important, as improper packaging can result in the customer not receiving their seeds or even worse, they receive a letter from U.S customs stating that the package has been confiscated. To prevent this from happening, lets have a look at what proper packaging looks like.

The photo above shows us the correct packaging to use for our Marijuana seeds. Products such as zip lock baggies, are not smell proof enough to guarantee the seeds will reach the customer. Ziploc baggies alone also don’t protect the seeds from damage which may occur during shipping.

Shipping Marijuana seeds

Once the marijuana seeds have been packaged, the vendor will then place the packaged seeds in a padded envelope and ship them off using a courier such as USPS.

Selling Marijuana Seeds

Now that you have read how to successfully package and ship out seeds, you may now learn how to sell them! Vendors who use Seed Canary can list their variety of Marijuana seeds on our marketplace to be sold. Seed Canary offers tools located on the vendor dashboard, that allow them to manage all of their orders, and track their progress using shop analytics.

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