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why are marijuana seeds expensive?

why are marijuana seeds expensive?

why are marijuana seeds expensive? Before buying Cannabis seeds, please check that the company who is selling the Cannabis seeds is legit. The most important part of buying anything online is to research the company you are buying from. Seed Canary for example, has social media platforms, has a Google Business listing, and we are […]

How To Ship Marijuana Seeds

Disclaimer: Seed Canary LLC does not condone selling OR mailing Marijuana seeds illegally. The Purpose of this article is to inform others on how the process works and to educate those who are legally allowed to sell and ship Cannabis seeds. Selling Marijuana seeds can be a legal grey area in most places. Before you […]

Cannabis Breeding – Traits to Look for when pheno Hunting Cannabis plants.

Selecting parents for a breeding project can be the ultimate make it or break it when it comes to a strain. For example, lets say our “Example” growers is planting to grow outdoors in Cuba. Cuba has a warmer climate which means that the grower may have issues growing outdoors with certain strains due to […]

The Importance of Landrace Cannabis strains

You may have heard of Landrace Cannabis strains online or talked about in a conversation, but what are they really? Cannabis Landrace is a term used to categorize marijuana strains that are often found in remote places where cannabis plants grow wildly without being planted or disturbed and are what you can consider true wild […]