how long do marijuana seeds last

how long do marijuana seeds last

So, you’ve purchased Cannabis seeds online from Seed Canary and now you’re wondering how long those seeds will actually last before they need to be germinated and planted. This is a common question and concern for many new marijuana growers, whether the seeds are from Seed Canary or have been found elsewhere.

How long will my marijuana seeds last?

When it comes to how long your cannabis seeds can last, the important factor is how they are preserved. If you ordered your weed seeds from a breeder on Seed Canary (Who often carries fresh and/or well preserved seeds) and they have arrived in their own packaging, you actually are able to just leave the seeds, as they are, within that sealed packaging in a dark, dry place in your home. If you do this, you can anticipate that your seeds will last up to a year.

But, if you intend to make your own cannabis seeds by crossing cannabis plants, the storage of your seeds becomes a bit more complicated. That’s because instead of just storing these seeds, you’ll need to harvest and dry them first.

Factors on how long marijuana seeds can last

There can be quite a few key factors that can play a role on how long your cannabis seeds can remain viable for. These Factors include quality of the seed(s), environment conditions, age of the seed(s), etc.

Cannabis seed quality

The quality of the cannabis seeds that you choose to buy can be a huge factor. Most if not all the seeds you find on Seed Canary are high quality seeds which come directly from the breeder themselves. Unlike large seedbanks where seeds which may not sell as often as others strains might not be a priority (for the seedbank) of being stored properly, breeders on Seed Canary often are selling highly viable seeds as they take pride in their genetics and having unhappy customer results is the last thing they want. Keep in mind that quality is not the only aspect that may apply to germination rates. quality seeds that are likely to germinate, will not germinate well if the environment is not well suited for them.

Storing cannabis seeds

If you want your seeds to remain viable as long as possible (1-20 years), you are going to want to store them properly.

For short-term storage, a dark cupboard or drawer with stable temperatures is usually Okay. If possible, try to keep your seeds out of areas of your house that are susceptible to the natural temperature changes of your environment.

For long-term storage, it is best to keep your seeds in a sealed container inside the fridge. However, please keep in mind that opening the door of your fridge can cause some dramatic temperature shifts. If you happen to have a second fridge that gets used less often, use that one to store your seeds.

whenever possible, keep your seeds in their original packaging. If you open a pack of seeds and have leftovers, transfer the extra seeds directly into a sealed airtight container.

Ziplock bags, are great because you can remove all the air from them to create an almost vacuum-sealed container for your seeds. Once vacuum-sealed, put the bag inside a dark plastic bag or dark container, to protect your seeds from receiving light from your fridge.

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