why are marijuana seeds expensive?

why are marijuana seeds expensive?

why are marijuana seeds expensive?

Before buying Cannabis seeds, please check that the company who is selling the Cannabis seeds is legit. The most important part of buying anything online is to research the company you are buying from. Seed Canary for example, has social media platforms, has a Google Business listing, and we are on TrustPilot so our customers know we are genuine and our feedback is outstanding from real buyers. Seed Canary takes appropriate actions to prevent scammers from using our website to protect the integrity of our name and the buyer from getting ripped off.

You should always be careful when buying Cannabis seeds online as if you are not buying through a reputable source, you might not be protected from scams. Although buying seeds through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Discord may be legitimate, it is harder to determine if the seeds you are purchasing are actually legitimate and not just bag seed from a random strain. Whoever you might buy your Cannabis seeds from, whether you choose Seed Canary for Cannabis seeds or another store, trust pilot is one of the best websites to use to check the website is not a scam and see how other customers shopping experience have been.

The genetics of a cannabis seed can reflect on the price as normally the most expensive Cannabis seeds have the best genetics. However, this isn’t always the case as some Cannabis seeds may be in more demand than others and the higher the demand of the Cannabis seed can determine the higher price and even great genetics can go wrong if they are not grown in the right environment or you’re just unfortunate with a bad batch.

breeding is also expensive, time-consuming, and can come with losses. With that said, a lot of “breeders” may cross two strains together, coming up with a name for the resulting F1s, and selling those as a “new strain”. That’s not “True” breeding, it’s just seed making. But those seeds can still be expensive simply because that’s what people are willing to pay for them. Some lineages have unusual traits or are particularly high quality in some way, and people want those genes and will pay to get them. Since there’s only so many seeds to buy, the price, naturally, goes up. Breeders also like to buy F1 seeds as they can come with many different phenotypes from both parents, compared to buying a stabilized strain where most phenotypes have the same characteristics. Now breeders who spend years creating a stabilized strain may sell those seeds for a higher price, as they put hard work, money, and effort into creating a stabilized strain. When it comes to the price of Cannabis seeds, there are many factors that determine why they may cost as much or as little as they may be. Not all Cheap Cannabis seeds are low quality, they may just be lower in demand or have many sources available of the strain. Research is your best bet when determining if the Cannabis seeds you are looking for are reasonably priced

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