Cannabis Breeding – Traits to Look for when pheno Hunting Cannabis plants.

Selecting parents for a breeding project can be the ultimate make it or break it when it comes to a strain. For example, lets say our “Example” growers is planting to grow outdoors in Cuba. Cuba has a warmer climate which means that the grower may have issues growing outdoors with certain strains due to heat stress and other environmental factors. Generally Indica dominant strains can handle warmer weather best. This grower would want to select two strains that can handle his environment, and pick the parent plants that is doing the best. This grower might want to have his plants grown short and bushy to “blend in” with its outdoor surroundings and not stick out like a soar thumb. The grower will then pick a male and female or two females if he wants feminized F1’s, and then decide on either the male or the female that he would like to have the most dominant traits in and pollinate the other.

Cannabis Breeding and some Traits to Consider when searching for Parent plants

  • Growth Patterns – plant grows tall or short, long & lanky, short & bushy.
  • Hardiness – has resistance to mold or root problems, can it stand heat or cold, how ell does it handle stress, etc.
  • Buds – Smell, Taste, Color, Appearance, Effects, THC and/or CBD levels, etc.
  • Harvest Time – how long does it take for the plant to finish flower? does the time suit your schedule?

Plant Generation breeding chart

Mendelian Inheritance Breeding chart

Trpkovich, A. and Trpkovich, A., 2021. [online] Greencamp. Available at:

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