The Importance of Landrace Cannabis strains

You may have heard of Landrace Cannabis strains online or talked about in a conversation, but what are they really? Cannabis Landrace is a term used to categorize marijuana strains that are often found in remote places where cannabis plants grow wildly without being planted or disturbed and are what you can consider true wild Cannabis. Landrace strains are special in many ways but one of the most important reason is because they have a long line of stabilized DNA. Hybrid marijuana has been around since the 1970’s when people discovered the art of crossing cannabis with other cannabis strains to create a strain sharing effects from both parents.

Hybrid Marijuana

A hybrid is a cross of two Cannabis strains that will in return create a strain that shares a little bit of both of its parents. Hybrid strains however will be unstable until after that cross has been grown and bred again and again to stabilize that cross. A good majority of strains we heard about today are only F1’s, meaning they were only bred together once and still considered unstable strains.

Landrace Cannabis

Since landrace marijuana has been around for an incredibly long time, stabilizing has already been done which means each plant will have identical effects and characteristics as the other.

Landrace cannabis also has distinct smell and taste compared to hybrids. However, Landrace cannabis is often not considered to be the most potent strains available. The DNA of landrace strains are what are most important for people growing Landraces. Since the DNA structure is hardened and Landraces are stable compared to most hybrids, they make great breeding partners for breeders who are crossing cannabis.   

Here is a list of a few notoriously great Landrace Cannabis strains.

  • Afghani
  • Hindu Kush
  • Lambs Bread
  • Durban Poison
  • Malawi
  • Pakistan Valley

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