TOP 6 – Cannabis Business Social Network Platforms to Use

cannabis business social network platforms

Cannabis Social Media accounts often get shut down or censored, but some new social media companies are specialized just for cannabis Businesses. While many cannabis users & companies use mainstream social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you might want to check out some of the cannabis business social network platforms mentioned below.

Cannabis Business Social Network Platforms

With cannabis becoming increasingly popular across the United States, it’s no surprise that cannabis lovers are also seeking each other online. While cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners all have a presence on all the well-known social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, over the years too many businesses in the cannabis industry have had a negative experience resulting in having their accounts shut down suddenly. Those in the cannabis business who want to connect with customers and other professionals on their mobile devices have also experienced pushback from the Apple and Google stores, who often refuse to carry cannabis-related apps. The pushback from these major social media platforms led members of the cannabis community to start their own social media platforms just for cannabis users and business owners.

Seed Canary is of course on the list as a cannabis business social network, not because we are writing the article, but because of what we have to offer. We provide a marketplace that not only offers a place for Cannabis growers to purchase cannabis seeds and clones but we also have the perfect platform for cannabis breeders & seed resellers to sell their seeds & clones. On our Platform, sellers or “Vendors” can create listings for their Seeds & clones which includes the strain description, photos, and payment and shipping options. If you are interested in learning more about our marketplace, you can click here to read more.

Seed Canary - Cannabis seed Marketplace


Grasscity, is one of the oldest online networks devoted to cannabis. It began as a forum for marijuana growers & over the years, it has expanded to include dedicated forums for talking about smoking, other consumption methods, legalization, where to find dispensaries, and a lot more.

If you want to learn the latest on cannabis-related news or looking for a dispensary then this is the place to go. The dispensary directory is easily searchable if you’re looking for legal weed near you.

Seed Canary - Cannabis seed Marketplace


WeedLife provides social media networking primarily for consumers, but there are increasing numbers of businesses using WeedLife because that’s where the customers are. You can choose to create a business or personal account when signing up. Business users are allowed to promote their products and list their dispensary in the WeedLife directory.

Seed Canary - Cannabis seed Marketplace


CannaBuzz is a welcoming online community for people to share & connect with others and can freely discuss cannabis related topics without the fear of having your account suspended. They are often compared to instagram, as they both share the similar concept however Cannabuzz is made for Cannabis related content. This social media platform is perfect for anyone in the cannabis community, and even great for businesses.

Seed Canary - Cannabis seed Marketplace


The professional vibe that this cannabis business network offers is what has many comparing it to LinkedIn. One of its primary goals is to connect investors to cannabis-related businesses, thus helping to spur the growth of this $25 billion industry. If you’re a business owner OR want to get involved in the cannabis industry, This is the place to go.

Seed Canary - Cannabis seed Marketplace


You may already be familiar with this one. Weedmaps primary purpose is to help cannabis consumers find local dispensaries and stores. Which makes this the perfect place for cannabis dispensaries to advertise & will definitely want to have a presence on this app that serves an enormous online community. Dispensaries can post promotions, deals, and can even set up online ordering through the platform.

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