Devil’s #13 – 6x Regular seeds + Freebies

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Devils #13

(`88 G13 Hashplant x Devil’s Dope)

Bred By Seed Canary 

Devil’s 13 AKA Devil’s #13 was made by crossing two Powerful indica strains – `88 G13 Hashplant and Devil’s Dope (9lb hammer x afghan skunk x Hindu kush). Devil’s #13 is a pure indica strain that can produce excellent yields, both indoors and outdoors. the Resin and THC production for this strain is also at a very high level.

Strain Qualities

Devils #13 is an excellent choice for almost any kind of grower. Whether your a home grower or grow commercially, devils #13 can produce heavy yielding plants that are not only resilient to pests and mold, but can also handle stress quite well allowing growers to take full advantage of both Low and High stress training techniques. Buds will grow large and dense, producing what we call “Donkey Dicks” AKA Large Colas that are covered in frosty Trichomes. The aroma from Devils #13 is absolutely unique and provides a wide mix of Terpenes. Although its scent can be hard to describe in words, its best described as an overwhelming sweet skunky aroma that has hints of a Tropical floral / berry scent which comes from the 9lb hammer in its genetic lineage.

This strain can be ideal for both medical and recreational users as the Devil’s 13 is known to pack a punch and is highly recommended for relief from PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Chronic Pain, and insomnia.

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2 reviews for Devil’s #13 – 6x Regular seeds + Freebies

  1. Mark Q (Verified Customer)

    I ordered them awhile back and started growing as soon as they arrived. Plants are in vegetative stage and are doing extremely well. Vigorous and extremely healthy. Not too mention they probably have the strongest scent compared to my others, and they aren’t even in flower yet! love it! Very excited to see how they do in flower

  2. Brian (Verified Customer)

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