‘CHEMICAL WEDDING’ (f-3) aka ChemCrash



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Chemical Wedding aka ChemCrash (f-3)  chemical wedding = Chemdawg 707 highly worked Chemdawg #4  ♀️vigorous specimen bright green dense  pungent flavorful flowers. lemon industrial chemical funk  .Male ♂️ pollen donation,robust purple stacked pod sacks ,robust root system Mac1 x Wedding Crasher  ,= chemical wedding,, →thick frosted sticky  potent pungent flowers  dank chemmy complex terp prophile, Phenos range greens & mixed degrees of purple , basicly two Phenos almost identical,untill flower, slightly earlier indica version and super frosty sativa leaning thick tasty aromatic  connoisseur flower  ,, harvest 1st week Oct {socal 33°} give or take . Large olive green shade leaves but, not real bushy and not a lot of stretch, upright nice structured plants, backcrossed to f-3 , a good  paring ,vigorous plants  when in 

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