VEMNESIA’ →Venom Og {S.D.cut} Clone x Original Amnesia autoflower x Mexican red hair sativa (bag seed) f-5



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  1. Vemnesia’  indica dominant hybrid=→♀️ original ★ female Venom Og clone, , ★ male was the offspring of a ♂️Dinafem original Amnesia autoflower, spicy unbelievably frosty little plant , then dusted with my trusted old sKool mexican sativa. The initial cross was 2011,  just a couple of stand out select individuals were chosen  from approx 30 plants & backcrossed several seasons to f-5 . Strain Project desired traits: → fast flowering odor, pungency, frost, flower structure .     {5th generation backcross  F-5’s} .   Uniform plants ,not much variation within populations , upright growing medium size super hardy sturdy plants w/ dark green leaves & light green large frosted ‘golf ball’ bud  ‘She’s got orange hair &  a fragrant terpine prophile inherited from Venom Og clone mother.  unique pungent chemical / spice ★ Effects; Potent  tasty  smoke , a couple tokes 🎶 creative functional ‘lofty’ up-buzz Note;   the more the tokes the closer the couch might become’ 😉   Nice hybrid , Overall it’s a good all in one kinda’ weed , Early harvest ,Quality, good nose plus bag appeal.  ★ Early Harvest mid September {SoCal}.🎸  ★Packs 13 + seeds in each vial. Totally healthy mature killer regular photoperiod seeds,  these particular seeds seem to have a higher female ratio than males, in that’s been my experience having ran these babys several years.  

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