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DoomsDay Jack is one of the most potent strains we offer and its renowned for its intense cerebral high and hypnotic effects. Given the strong nature of its effects, thia strain is not suitable for novices. Even seasoned recreational or medicinal cannabis users will have to be careful with the amount they consume.
Users say that DoomsDay Jack effects are fast-acting, cerebral, and almost hypnotic. Typically, users experience a deep feeling of relaxation and euphoria before the overpowering physical effects take hold.
Some users say that consuming this wonder causes them to get the ‘munchies.’ As getting off the couch may become difficult, keep some healthy snacks nearby.
Sedation ultimately leads to drowsiness, so it makes for a good night sleep.


A mature plant has a distinctive aroma. Cannabis cultivators say it is an unusual mixture of earth, lemon, and diesel.
Take note, DoomsDay Jack’s pungent combination of earthy, sweet, and chemical-like aromas tend to linger. Therefore, take measures to yensure adequate ventilation when growing or even smoking indoors.


While their aroma is overpowering, their flavor is not. It is quite a treat for the taste of freshly cured buds when smoked. Users generally experience DoomsDay Jack’s earthy and more pungent flavors on the inhale and its woody, lemon flavors on the exhale.


Appearance-wise, DoomaDay Jack plants are relatively short, usually growing to a height of between 100-120cm. Its dense flowers and tight buds have a generous layer of resinous trichomes, which are sticky to the touch.

Grow Info

Experienced DoomsDay Jack growers generally consider it to be an easy strain to grow. This plant grows well in soil or hydroponically, so cultivators should find either growing method pretty straightforward. It is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and thrives in a warm Mediterranean climate. The plant flowers between 8-9 weeks indoors, and the ideal time for outdoor harvesting is late September or early October.

When you grow DoomsDay Jack indoors, it generally produces an average yield of around 12 ounces per square meter. Those growing it outdoors are looking at an average return of approximately 6 to 10 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

DoomsDay Jack packs a punch with an average THC level of approximately 20%. However, reportedly, some DoomsDay Jack’s samples contained 22.8% THC.

DoomsDay Jack’s main medicinal benefit is its effectiveness at alleviating pain. Some painful conditions that users claim DoomsDay Jack may help address include arthritis, muscular pain, and lower back pain. DoomsDay Jack’s deeply sedating and soporific effects also make this strain a possible solution for people who have insomnia.
Cannabis consumers looking to de-stress and unwind may also benefit from DoomsDay Jack’s relaxing effects. As this strain provides a short-term uplifting and euphoric high, it may offer temporary relief to people with depression.

You will receive 3x Unrooted Cuts per order.

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