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This is a cutting of my 15 year long Skunk project. This is my magnum opus. I got roughly 85 beans while serving in Afghanistan in the Marine Corp. for Operation Enduring Freedom in 2007. I went wayyy up the mountain to find a grower who has been growing the same stock since the 80’s. After the Maine Corp. I worked this line tirelessly until I isolated the skunky profile. The line had hardly any sexual instability at all. Very rugged but very high in phenotypical variation. The skunk terp was there but needed a bunch of work to make it dominate in the line. The line survived, prohibition, theft and grower struggles over the years. I have been very hesitant to even let this go because I know eventually someone will make seeds and a big name company will take my work to financially capitalize on it. But, I can’t be greedy with the strain. I know plenty of old school growers who want it to run again like the good old days.

Her terp profile is straight up middle eastern incense that transitions to straight up skunk in the flowering phase. It’s not burnt rubber or chem or whatever other bullshit people say is skunk, it’s straight up Afghan skunk. Directly from the mountains of Afghanistan. I would put this cut up against any other “skunk” out there!

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