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Tempation (Rambo’s cut) = Ice Cream Cake x Jealousy

A very special cut that I’ve kept closely guarded and haven’t released until now.  She has served as a foundation to my breeding program over the past several years.  Mother of Joker Juice, Temptation F2 and most recently used in 2 separate backcrosses w/ Joker Juice and Jealousy.  An excellent breeder with high transfer rate of dominant traits.

She is full of unique expressions that make her a standout in any grow.  Starting in early flower, she begins to show one of her most unique characteristics which I dubbed “Burgundy Bottoms”.   A  beautiful rich burgundy color begins to show on the underside of her fan/sugar leaves while the topside remains a dark green.  This continues throughout flower eventually wrapping up and around the edges of the leaves.  After the first month, a heavy coating of trichomes begin to develop on the undersides as well as the edges.  In stark contrast to the still green topside, it creates a striking effect of “purple frost rails”. 

The plant is super vigorous and extremely easy to clone with fast forming roots.  It can produce large yields of top quality flower under the right care.  She has a large structure with sturdy satellite branches surrounding a slightly taller main cola.  When left to her natural structure, her branches are not very bushy.  Instead they grow as large independent colas with open spacing between and a low number of fanleaves.  While the fan leaf count is low, they are large with plenty of surface area. This allows for excellent light penetration down throughout the canopy while still maintaining proper photosynthesis. The result is large buds at the top followed by alternating golfball sized buds continuing all the way to the bottom.  The lowest of lowers are just as dense as her tops.  No larfy or B grade buds.  Just dense and consistently sized nuggets through and through.

The buds themselves are dense, colorful and covered in frost.  They have an ICC leaning structure w/ excellent leaf to bud ratio.  Since there are fewer sugar leaves, this maximizes the yield and reduces trim time and wasted material.  

Her terps consist of a complex mixture of Gas, Cream, floral and a hint of Cocoa (unsweetened chocolate).   The flavor is creamy with a hint of earthiness on the exhale.  It’s clear her flavor comes from her Gelato heavy lineage and lovers of that flavor profile will immediately recognize it.

The high is balanced and provides an uplifting boost to your mood.  Paired with a relaxing body high, it will leave you feeling carefree and happy.  A great option for anxiety or depression. 

Price includes shipping.  Clone will come rooted in a sturdy clone shipper with small LED light.  Roots will be open and ready to plant into your preferred medium.  Fast shipping and guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy.

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  1. Zeke Reid (Verified Customer)

    Amazing customer service and clone was shipped fast, and very healthy upon arrival!

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