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Cultivar: Lemon Cheesecake

Genetics: Unknown

Breeder: Unknown

Age: 10+ years

Aroma: Sweet and creamy lemon cheesecake, bubblegum, and roses

Effects: sativa- creative, euphoric, feel good

Description: Lemon Cheesecake is easily one of our favorite plants of all time and sits in our top 5 list. We don’t have any plans of parting with her anytime soon, or maybe ever, considering we are one of the ONLY ones with her. In fact, we have NEVER released her to the public in 10 years. This plant is more rare than our Black Cherry Soda, by a long shot.

There is a backstory to how we received this plant and why we may be one of the only gardeners that have her: Many years ago before any recreational states were online, we briefly worked with one of the largest medical marijuana clone facilities in the PNW. They had a ‘legal’ physical brick and mortar storefront with hundreds of clones for sale and they REALLY wanted our Black Cherry Soda plant. After a year or two of saying no, we finally said yes. The catch was that we could personally come pick out ANY of their many strains for our BCS plant. This place had a MASSIVE amount of varieties, holding over 200 mother plants in one space. Needless to say, there was a lot to choose from, and this is when we picked up a few of our long time keepers that we’ve bred with throughout the years.

One variety that stood out to us was ‘Pam’s Lemon Cheesecake’. It was a CBD variety, and since we were looking for a unique CBD plant, we grabbed her, plus a bunch of others. We grew it out and sure enough it smelled just like Lemon Cheesecake, only better, with some added floral notes and a definite bubblegum, too. When we later had the dried buds tested for cannabinoid potency, it came back at 17% THC (with the old testing standards before they raised them, overnight, by 27%), but only had less than 1% CBD. So after seeing those test results, we knew that what we had was definitely NOT a high-CBD strain. We were somewhat perplexed, but were still overly pleased to have the plant itself since its so unique.

The plant was mislabeled so we decided to drop the ‘Pams’ in the name and just call it ‘Lemon Cheesecake’ because there was no denying the incredible aroma it had! It was too fitting to change the name to something else. Typically, if we are uncertain about genetics or can’t confirm a strains true name or origin, we would pass on it, but not this one, nope. This was too unique. The heavenly aroma, the somewhat loose, wide to narrow conical bud structure, and the huge, deeply-serrated leaves…. there’s no way we were letting it go. And we’re glad we didn’t because we’ve had her for a decade now and she happens to be one of the parents of the strain that first put us on the map– Pink LemonAid (#2). Pink LemonAid definitely got her insane trichome coverage from her Lemon Cheesecake mother, and just by chance we’ve only ever released two crosses from her, the other being Scentuous (fem).

There is a suspicion about Lemon Cheesecake that we have though, because many times we’ve wondered if she might possibly be the Original 90’s Bubblegum from Serious Seeds… The one that everyone looks for and can never find. We know, because we’ve tried ourselves… we’ve tried to find out what this plant is– we’ve ordered Lemon Cake seeds from Europe and grew them out. We bought Indiana Bubblegum seeds and grew those out ( <—- folks think that this is THE Bubblegum to look for, but we would have to disagree). We even grew out a newer pack of Serious Seeds Bubblegum (2018) from Europe… But all three of these crosses were highly disappointing and none of them really smelled like Bubblegum AT ALL, or Lemon Cheesecake for that matter. They didn’t come close to standing parallel to what this plant is… So why do we think this could be the Original 90’s Serious Seeds Bubblegum?  1.) Because we’ve seen photos of the Original Bubblegum flowers which have a very distinct, unique look, which looks just like our Lemon Cheesecake. 2.) Although it smells like lemon cheesecake, it also smells like true bubblegum. 3.) It’s a special plant and we’ve never seen or smelled another like her to this day, which really makes us wonder, could it be…?

Regardless of its name, this plant is entirely unique and its special traits cannot be understated.


  • Price is per plant
  • Planted in Pro-mix HP in 4-inch pots
  • Each plant is 4-8 inches tall. May be single top or multi-top
  • Guaranteed to be well-rooted, green, healthy, and alive. Plus pest and pathogen free. (If they have bugs or mildew they will NOT be sent)
  • Guaranteed to be true-to-name
  • Packages are shipped out on Mondays and Tuesdays ONLY. (Please allow up to 10 days before you receive shipping details for your order.)
  • If it’s believed the plants are not alive and healthy when you receive them you must let us know any concerns you have within 24 hours of arrival. If we do not hear any concerns within 24 hours it will be assumed that everything arrived in good standing. We cannot be held responsible for mishaps, errors, mistakes, or bad luck after this time frame.
  • *If a rooted plant is not currently available, it can be purchased on backorder (please allow up to 3-4 weeks to receive your plant.)

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