Glitter Bomb (El Chivo #5 Cut) Rooted Clone

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Glitter Bomb – El Chivo #5

Glitter Bomb (Elchivo #5) was found during a special collaboration between Norcal IC Mag X Compound Genetics. Named for its gorgeous appearance and high THC content , Glitter Bomb is the perfect choice for any grower who loves indica dominant cultivars. This Cultivar is considered to be a great beginner friendly choice for any grower looking to find an all around easy to grow strain. But be warned, this cultivar has a pretty potent aroma! The Terpene profile is dominated by deep grape tones reminiscent of sweet cough syrup with a bit of fuel notes on the backside. The primary Terpenes found with Glitter Bomb (El Chivo #5) are b Caryophyllene, Candy, Fuel, Grapes, Linalool, Myrcene

What Medium Do We Use?

We start our cuttings in Rockwool and transplant some of them to starter pots with a light soil & coco mix. We found that customers who have less experience with clones often prefer this method as the roots are more established and is easier to care for. However, since we also have customers who prefer a more sterile method we always keep rooted cubes available since many commercial growers like to dunk their clones in IPM before they bring them in. The soil and coco mix is also treated with an insecticide to ensure the medium stays pest free during transit 🙂 If you have a preference on what medium we use, please email us as soon as you place your order so that we can accommodate to your needs.

NOTE: Although we try our best to have rooted clones consistently in stock, we recommend reaching out before placing your order to make sure we are able to fulfil your order in a timely manor. If we have rooted clones available, we will typically ship orders within 1-3 days after the orders been placed.

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4 reviews for Glitter Bomb (El Chivo #5 Cut) Rooted Clone

  1. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Nice healthy cuttings

  2. Anonymous (store manager)

  3. Jason Noyes (Verified Customer)

    Healthy vibrant clone and acclamated quuckly

  4. Matt B. (Verified Customer)

    Clone came very small and sickly. Could not get it to recover. This was a buy 1 get 1 promotion so it wasn’t a total loss. I will say all other clones I’ve purchased came very healthy. Disappointing still though.

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