Cannabis STS Feminizing Spray Reversing Spray Sodium Thiosulfate Silver Nitrate Amber Glass Bottle 4oz


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4oz Amber Spray Bottle of STS Cannabis Feminizing Spray by DarkSunSeeds

Unlock the potential of your cannabis cultivation with our 4oz Amber Spray Bottle of STS Cannabis Feminizing Spray, expertly crafted by DarkSunSeeds. This powerful solution, made with Sodium Thiosulfate and Silver Nitrate, is designed to help you create female pollen, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of feminized seeds.

Product Features:

Size: 4oz
Ingredients: Sodium Thiosulfate and Silver Nitrate
Bottle: UV-protective amber glass to preserve the solution’s potency
Spray Type: Fine mist for easy application

What It Does:

Our STS Cannabis Feminizing Spray is specially formulated to induce female cannabis plants to produce pollen. This pollen carries only female chromosomes, making it perfect for creating feminized seeds. By applying this spray, you can effectively eliminate the guesswork of plant sexing and achieve a higher yield of female plants, known for their superior bud production.

How to Use:

-Select a healthy female cannabis plant.

-Spray the plant with the STS solution at the beginning of the flowering stage.

-Continue applying the spray every 5-7 days for 2-3 weeks.

-Watch as the treated plant begins to produce pollen sacs.

-Use the collected pollen to pollenate itself or other female plants, resulting in feminized seeds.

Consistency: Produce your own feminized seeds, ensuring a garden full of female plants.

Quality: High-quality solution made with premium ingredients for reliable results.

Ease of Use: Simple application process with our convenient spray bottle.

Proudly made by DarkSunSeeds, a trusted name in cannabis cultivation products. We are committed to providing growers with the tools they need to achieve the best results in their gardens.

Enhance your cannabis cultivation with our STS Cannabis Feminizing Spray. Order now and take the next step towards a more productive and efficient growing experience.

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