How to Get Featured
as our Photo of the Month!


Our customers send us amazing pictures of products they’ve ordered from us and through our marketplace, and we want to share the love! Get featured on our website and get a free pack of seeds! Go on Instagram and tag us for a chance to win.


In order to be eligible for our Photo Of The Month contest, your post must have all of the following:

  • High quality photo of product(s) or Plants grown by seed/clone. 
  • Photo must contain a product or plant that was purchased from Seed Canary or vendor using Seed Canary.
  • must include name of the strain or item in the post.
  • Tag us in your post @seedcanary_genetics

You will receive a message from us @seedcanary_genetics through Instagram if you win. This will occur at the end of the month. – We can’t wait to see what you share with us!


If you have any questions about this contest, Please contact us

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