Making Certain Our Clones Are Pathogen Free

After Purchase

After purchasing clone(s) through Seed Canary, You will receive an email with a coupon code & link to purchase a testing kit from Phenoxpress.

Collecting Your Sample

Collect samples from your received clone(s) purchased from Seed Canary following the instructions included with the Testing Kit. Ship the samples to PhenoXpress using the Shipping label included with the kit

Get Your Results

Once they’ve received and tested your samples, they will invoice you and then send the results via email after you pay. The test results will be shared with you, Seed Canary Staff, and the vendor you purchased from.

Lets Keep Our Clones Pathogen Free

As many of you may know, Hop Latent Viroid AKA “HLVD” has been a big problem within the clone community. That is why we are taking these steps to protect OUR customers from purchasing HLVD infected clones and doing our due diligence to protect the community one step at a time. We have partnered up with Phenoxpress to provide customers who purchase clones from us with a discount to have newly purchased clone(s) tested for HLVD to ensure our vendors are selling clean, pathogen free clones through Seed Canary. Vendors who sell clones on Seed Canary will also receive discounts on pathogen testing to encourage routine testing.

why test through phenoxpress?

  • Tests done through Phenoxpress are shared with us so that we can make sure our vendors are selling safe, pathogen free clones through Seed Canary. 
  • Testing provides factual results that can help the community know who to order from.
  • Your Test results can also help the vendors who take precautions against HLVD get more business by sharing these results when reviewing the vendor you purchased from.


How Will We Know Vendors Are Testing?

Vendors who share their test results with us and test on a routine basis will receive An “HLVD Testing” badge that will be shown on their vendor profile & products. Hlvd test’s will also be shown on clone listings which have been tested.

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